The 2022 Construction Labour “Open Period” - What Employers Need to Know

Speakers: Patrick Groom and Victor Kim


February 2, 2022: Agenda

Event Time: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm (ET)

March 1 – April 30, 2022 is the “Open Period” for ICI collective agreements, and many non-ICI agreements, in Ontario. During this period members of construction unions can apply to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to terminate a union’s bargaining rights with their employer, or – more commonly – a rival union can apply to the Board to displace an existing union, in what is commonly known as a “raid”. During the Open Period employers will likely see increased union activity on sites as incumbent unions will seek to maintain member support, and as rival unions may try to gather support for a raid.

Join us for a discussion about what employers should expect and need to know if a decertification application or a displacement application involving their employees is filed at the Board. Our discussion will cover:

  • What kind of union activity may we see on site?
  • How should an employer react to union activity on around job sites?
  • What can employer say, or not say, about unions if approached by employees with questions?
  • What does and employer have to file with the Labour Board if a decertification or displacement application is filed?
  • What are the timelines to respond to applications at the Labour Board?